About Me

Creating pictures was always one of those latent interests for me....mainly because I couldn't paint or draw well enough to save my life.  I am apparently (when I put my mind to it) more than a passable photographer and even achieved the lofty heights of being a Photographic Club Judge many years ago and even did some semi-professional work.  I don't for one minute think I was brilliant at any of it and as for the Judging - who am I to Judge someone else's vision - it's more about personal taste.

Technology has never been that much of a mystery to me and having once owned the 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum' (Wow!) and subsequently a 'Commodore 64' (Slightly Bigger WOW!) it didn't take any serious thought to grasp an opportunity some years later to take a Basic Computing course at my local College.  It was divided up into various modules - Basic Computing, plus the usual Word Processing, Spreadsheets & Databases and if any of us finished in time we could take an extra module - Desk Top Publishing.  One of the other students and I was getting into the DTP module and amongst one of the components of the module was involved messing around with a bit of Clipart.  Simple though it was that really fired us both up.

I was determined to get my own PC and ended up parting with a few personal things to achieve my goal.  My only regret to this day is parting with my lovely Black & White De-fretted Fender Jazz Bass.

Having been educated during that time when one really did get a good education I had the wherewithal to teach myself and so I set about furthering what I had already learnt into deeper realms.  I was on my own and I don't like relying on anyone or paying out lots of money to fix things where possible and so with a little help of a few knowledgeable friends I also learnt how to put a PC together...very very handy!!

More Recently (September 2012) after a long period of absence, I decided to update my Camera with the intention of revisiting my passion for Photography.  How and when I might venture forth armed with said Camera remains to be seen but I live in hopes.  I shall use Gallery 6 for anything my consider worth looking at.